About PPC

Quality without compromise
PPC co-operates with the foremost manufacturers in our industry to bring you a portfolio of effective products. Just a glance at the list of manufacturers represented in Ireland by PPC will show you the solid relationships built up over many years in Europe, the USA, and further a field that can make all the difference to your practice.

Product Pedigree
gmpAll PPC products are manufactured in GMP certified facilities (Good Manufacturing Practices). Nothing less is good enough for our customers.

World Renowned Suppliers

  • Eskimo Oils
  • Chinese Modular Solutions Herbals
  • Heel Homeopathics
  • Carbo Acupuncture Supplies
  • K’an Herbals
  • Phytobiophysics Flower Formulas
  • Rayobase (pH regulator)
  • Three Treasures Herbals
  • Women’s Treasure Herbals

Customer Care
Naturally, the PPC ethos of ‘quality first’ extends to a vital area of operations. Namely, how we deliver our service to our customers.

Our very first customers who came to us in our earliest days are still with us!

Information on call
In addition, Practitioners advice is always available from the educational departments of our suppliers. You can access this service by contacting Olive Curran in PPC on 091-753222, or e-mail your query to olive@ppcgalway.ie

Our resources are at your service!
Since its foundation, PPC has developed a vast array of seminars, newsletters, CDs and articles to maximize the giving of quality information to our customers. We are dedicated to offering you the best possible international speakers in a number of events every year, from seminars / workshops to the up to date convenience of teleconferences.

With your comfort in mind.
PPC carries Product Liability Insurance on all Products!